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Ana Carolina Ordóñez Mosquera, Licenciada en Lenguas Modernas - Kinder


Acerca de mi

My name is Ana Carolina Ordóñez, I was born in Popayán. I studied Modern Languages English-French at the University of Cauca.

I started teaching English at Unilingua in 2007 where I could have the opportunity to teach while I was still studying in the program, this gave me a lot of experience which was very helpful to work as a counselor during four summers in Hebron, New Hampshire and Argyle Texas in United States. I am a respectful and responsible person and I try to help everybody as much as I can in order to be a better person every day.

Andrea Hurtado, -


Acerca de mi

My name is Andrea Hurtado, I studied my primary school and secondary school at San Jose de Tarbes school, Then, I studied nursing, I worked for a few years, after the law 100, the vision of my life project changed, so I started my studies at the University of Cauca where I got my degree in foreign languages; being there in 7th semester, the university gave me the opportunity to study a bilingual tourist guide course, which taught me a lot about history and the uncountable richness that Cauca has; I did an academic immersion in Trinidad and Tobago in English as a Second Language; I just finished a specialization in Education and Intervention for Early Childhood, Due to my research results, I was invited as a speaker for the II Latin American Biennial 2016.

 About my work experience, I have worked in public and private sector. After the CCA schedule, I work in Institucion Universitaria Colegio Mayor del Cauca as an English teacher in major programs and extension courses. This year at CCA I teach in first grade, I fell in love with this school which I consider also my home, I had not seen anything like this in Popayan, its vision and education captivated me; Here, I am learning every day a little more in my teaching training. It is said “first grade is a challenge”, I say it is a blessing; It is just to love my students as my own children, desiring that they be happy in this school year while they are learning and I could help them to discover and improve all talents that God gave them.

Nasly Rengifo Zuñiga, Licenciada en Lenguas Modernas -


Acerca de mi

My name is Mrs Nasly Rengifo Zuñiga This is my fourth year teaching at Campestre Americano School, I was born in El Bordo Cauca in 1987, and moved to Popayán when I was in the third grade. I have lived most of my life in Popayán, Cauca, known to most people as the white city. After graduating from high school at the age of sixteen, I decided to study Modern Languages (English and French) I spent 5 years in The University of Cauca, learning English and French at the same time. I really enjoyed studying these languages. I graduated in 2009 after completing 10 semesters there. During my career I started to teach English from fourth semester, my first experience was with Unilingua Courses as main teacher. After graduating, I continued working with English courses in Unilingua where I have had a long experience as English teacher with students of different ages and levels. At that time I had a short English experience in an institution called “Instituto Colombiano de Educación Bilingue” where I worked with students of different technological programs; it was really interesting because my classes were contextualized to their careers. In 2010, I began to work with “Campestre Americano School” as classroom teacher in second grade. It has been a big challenge but it has also been my greatest experience as teacher, I considered this place my school too. Because I have learned meaningful things as teacher, as person and as mom of a beautiful girl, “Gabriela” my daughter is 3 now and I enjoy sharing time with her and my husband. I am fortunate for having my wonderful daughter. She is my inspiration every day. I have taught at this school for almost four years. I am glad to have the opportunity to teach 2nd grade, applying new methodologies to make my experience more meaningful. I am honored to be a part of this wonderful project in CCA, I love teaching and I especially love teaching the children at our school.

Claudia Patricia Flor Chamorro, Licenciada en Lenguas Modernas -


Acerca de mi

My name is Claudia Patricia Flor Chamorro. I was born in Popayán. I am part of a very beautiful family. I have two brothers and two sisters. My dad passed away when I was ten and my dear mom went to meet Jesus almost three years ago. I have a wonderful son named Juan Andrés; he’s ten. My life at school was great. After graduating at Bachillerato Femenino San Agustin, I studied Modern Languages (English – French) at Universidad del Cauca.
My first teaching experience was the pedagogical practice. It was carried out with fourth and fifth graders at Escuela Pubenza. I started working after graduating in 1998. The Meyer Institute was my first “Teaching School”. Aspiring teachers there, received a very conscious training to become part of the staff. There, I had the opportunity to work with their regular courses which ran by levels, and with all the school and companies that had teaching arrangements with them.

I started working at Campestre Americano School in 2002. This school has been my second home. All the years that I have worked here have made me grow as a teacher and as a person. CCA has given me the chance to meet new methodologies and tools to teach. Working here has been a very valuable teaching – learning experience. I am blessed for being part of this Eagles’ Family. I love teaching here and I love my kids!

Deisy Otero Velasco , Licenciada en Lenguas Modernas -


Acerca de mi

My name is Deisy Otero Velasco, I’m a bachelor of Modern Languages English – French from Cauca University. My experience teaching started at Unilingua since 2007 working as a main teacher until now, I have participated in summer camps for four years in summer sections in Boston Massachusetts- New Hampshire. I worked at Bicentenario School for two years and my last experience was in Medellin working in a bilingual school Colombo Canadiense. This year I will be the fifth grade teacher at Campestre Americano School. I consider myself as a responsible person with a great commitment and a nice attitude that things in life can be better if we have faith. My expectations for this coming year are huge working in kids’ process of learning, fostering their competences and abilities.

Whatever you do in life could be insignificant, but it is necessary you do it, because nobody else will.

John Alexander Sánchez García, Licenciado en Español y Literatura - Español


Acerca de mi

Mi nombre es John Alexander Sánchez García. Licenciado en español y literatura, egresado de la Universidad del Cauca. Experiencia laboral en docencia de básica primaria y secundaria, como también coordinador académico y convivencia. Además, orientador en el área de lectura critica, según lo establecido por ICFES en los colegios Champagnat, Bethlemitas y CCA.

Mis expectativas en el CCA, fomentar en los estudiantes hábitos de lectura, que les permita ser críticos en su producción textual. Generar espacios didácticos y pedagógicos dentro del proyecto plan lector.

Juan Alberto Klinger, Licenciado en Educación Física Recreación y Deporte - Educación Física


Acerca de mi

Licenciado en Educación Física Recreación y Deporte, egresado de la Universidad del Cauca. Soy un profesional comprometido, responsable y con capacidad de trabajo en equipo.

Mi experiencia profesional, involucra procesos de formación por competencias laborales en centros educativos como: el Instituto Colombiano de Educación Bilingüe “ICEB” y el Instituto Técnico Superar “ITS”, en donde me he desempeñado como docente en el área del desarrollo psicomotor para la primera infancia. En lo que se refiere al área de la Educación Física y la formación deportiva, mi experiencia se remonta a instituciones como: la Academia Militar Tomas Cipriano de Mosquera, el Preescolar Bamby del Norte y la Escuela de Formación Deportiva Integración del Norte, en donde he liderado procesos y programas de formación deportiva de fútbol en beneficio del desarrollo infantil.